Wool, Silk and Natural Fiber Carpets

Wool: We use high quality highland Tibetan sheep wool and the Tibetan wool carpets have this distinctive nature of increasing in shine and luster over time.

Cashmere, the Queen of wool: Our creation this year includes the most elegant Tibetan Nepalese cashmere carpets.

Silk: Mulberry Indian silk and Chinese silk are used individually or mixed with other fibers to create elegant and rich textures in our Tibetan carpets.

Alo-Nettle: Alo is biodegradable and an eco friendly fiber. Alo plant grows 10 feet tall and the indigenous people of Himalayas hand spun yarns from the stalk of this plant for clothing and basic household items. Alo fiber absorbs moisture and keeps the user cool. Due to changing international trends and demands, alo fiber has now entered the fashion plus home accessories and now recently in high end designer’s carpet world.

Hemp: Hemp fibers are widely used for clothing and other accessories. We now make Nepalese-Tibetan handmade hemp carpets in natural and dyed textures. Hemp carpets are little coarser than its sister fiber Alo-Nettle.

Linen: We make linen carpets both in natural and dyed similar in texture and luster to that of nettle rugs.

Jute: Mankind’s earliest known fiber is now transformed into beautiful yet modest designer oriented Nepalese Tibetan Jute carpets.

Sunpatt: This plant native to Himalayan region has been recently discovered for weaving handmade carpets The carpet made from this pant has a rich natural texture, similar to its sister fibers like alo (nettle) and hemp.

Bamboo and Banana Silk: These fibers have similar in feel and the luster of silk yarn and are mostly used as carpet pattern accents.